Degree Homes



    Degree Homes is an innovative communal housing platform, service and managing company that targets young professionals and students looking to find convenient, fully furnished, and affordable housing.

    The Company's mission is to reconstruct the rental market to better appeal to college students and young professionals. While accomplishing this, Degree Homes can also maximize owners' profit and minimize their headache maintaining their properties. 


    With our extensive experience in the rental market, we are confident that we can provide an enjoyable service and living experience to local students and young professionals. Most our tenants renew the contract with us after their first year. 


    Also, starting last year, we will cater services to international students, specifically Chinese International students. International students tend to have the most trouble finding off-campus housing for a variety of reasons. First, because they lack a Social Security Number which prevents landlords from checking their credit. Second, language barriers become problematic. By proactively catering services to Chinese International students, we believe we will build up a notable tenant base of Chinese international students very quickly.



    To better serve our Chinese tenants, we now have a team with Chinese background designated to serve them. We believe we can provide them with the best experience living in the US. 


    If you have any question and concern, please contact us directly. As our current tenants, we provide lots of free services including sublet posting on our website, Roommate Matching, transportation to the airport, etc. For our potential tenants, we would love to clear the way for you and help you join our tenants' community. If you are an owner and looking for an affordable, 21st century property management company, you've made a right choice! We will love to tell you more regarding our headache free, low risks, high-tech and caring property management service.


    We are here to make you happy. Chat with Us!


Degree Homes Team